Tuesday, May 17, 2011


clears giant cobwebs!!


Monday, March 08, 2010

Its always the good ones.....

Rest in Peace Aloaye.
we miss you.

Aloaye Trevor Adams
22nd Nov 1980 - 6th March 2010.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i am and always will be a blogger but...

Sometimes the desire to blog just isnt there. my life in the last one year or so has been mad interesting and challengng, so much has happened that is very much blog worthy but blogsville just isnt the same as it was years ago when i started blogging.
i miss d old times, i miss d old folks, i miss d ones who i grew up with (at least thats what it feels like) there r so many new blogs now that quite frankly r annoying to say the least, most of them r juvenile and dont even make much sense, dont get me wrong there r some new bloggers who r great but.... u get d point.
There are still d bloggers who make me come here every other day, the ones i still read diligently.. i wish for the old days back, where i was blogging at least once a week, but i cant lie that mojo is so far gone!
i am not here to say any goodbyes, im just here to clean out the cobwebs, lol, and yes it is a giant order to ask me to come back fully BUT
i will be here, every now and then, a comment or two.. a post or two..

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

See me see trouble

I couldn't think of a title, actually maybe the title of this post should be how grateful i am to still be here. So i had a car crash last week... i was driving home at about 10pm, and i stopped at a police check point just before a set of traffic lights, i stopped cos well there were cars in front of me, so i waited.... 10 or 15 seconds later all i heard was a loud bang! and my car literarily flew forward! i quickly grabbed d steering and swerved to the left to avoid hitting the car in front of me... my head whipped forward and hit the back of my seat which caused my whiplash then i sat there for about 2minutes.... then i stepped out to see d damage.

It was a mess! and i was speechless, first i was Thankful that i had been wearing my seat belt, now dnt get me wrong o, i always wear my seat belt but there r times when im literally driving to the next street and im being lazy, but once i hit 20 my car starts to make an annoying beeping sound that doesn't stop until im clicked in! however the only reason i was wearing a belt? cos i was driving myself, which made me wonder why we never use seat bets sitting at the back? if i had a driver and i had been sitting there, i dont know what would have happened to be honest!

Anyways after talking and whatever i got back into my car, the dude says he will meet me at porsche in the morning (U know i dont drive a porsche abi? it just sounds nice. lol) somewhere in my mind im thinking the dude isnt going to turn up tomorrow so im already doing a mental calculation in my head, oh at this point my head was pounding, my neck was stiff and my back was aching badly.

i was about 3 or so streets from home so i drove home and went to bed, i dont think i said anything else dat day. the next morning i woke up with an even bigger headache, so off to porsche (again u know i dnt drive one? before one stupid anon will say i am forming now) in the morning, guess what??? the guy was there waiting for me! i was truly shocked, i honestly didnt think he would turn up....

anyways cutting the long story short, my car is fixed and back on the road, i still have pains but i shall live.

I just thought to pop by to share this and to also wish everyone a safe and merry xmas!

PS: Please do not drink and drive!!! worse still do NOT bb and drive! it is worse than drink driving!

PPS: i have a feeling thats what the dude that hit me was doing, it really could have been a different story if he were going any faster!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

3 years ago......

Exactly 3 years ago today, i started this blog, quite frankly i didn't know what i was getting myself into really but i did anyway, i started out reading overwhelmed, Olawunmi, Soul and someone else i cant remember now, and i thought hang on this would be great! for me to be able to air my thoughts anonymously and get some great advice and all.. little did i know!

My blog has been drama filled...

The blogging community has been/ can be harsh o!! kai, when i first started blogging i was regular, a post every other day, or at least once a week, it was fun, it was like talking to/with family, people left comments, if it was an issue and i wanted advice i got it, i had the ppl who criticised some things i did, but it was constructively. no beef, no hatred nothing!! then the 'anons' arrived and oh boy!!

i started getting all these hateful comments that i couldn't even comprehend, how do u hate someone u don't even know? how do u sit behind ur computer and say such horrible things? i got tired, my 'friends' started to leave one after the other, the anons kept at it... i mean here i was, i had one of the most personal blogs out there, i spoke about my life as honestly as i could, sometimes because i genuinely wanted help or advice, other times because i simply wanted my life to be an example to someone, that u can be successful, irrespective of where u r coming from.

i blogged about life, love, work, being adopted, my siblings, boyfriends..... but then one day i got a comment that actually made me cry, it was a personal attack, i had a feeling it was someone i knew cos it was so personal that is sat back and thought.. wao, how?? how can someone hate me so much. Now im really not the sort of person that cares what anyone thinks about me, i mean to hell with ur thoughts but this comment just hit me, i guess it might have been cos i was going thru so much heartache at the time... anyway so after that comment i said goodbye to blogsville. i was done!! i couldnt take it anymore... so i thought!

2 weeks later i was back, lol. dis blogsville na juju o, some ppl were genuinely happy to have me back, i remember getting an email from a blogger saying how much i inspired her. it made my day. however, my blogging style changed, i slowed down on talking intimately about my life, but it was hard.. cos my blog was personal. at some point i went off again for a few mths, so much was going on in my life that i really wanted to blog about but couldnt.... like getting married...starting my own business (and stillw orking full time) lol.

blogsville hasnt been all doom though.... i have made some amazing friends.... Olawunmi, Overwhelmed, Snazzy, Uzo, Tminx... too numerous to mention... speaking of Tminx i remember the good old days of her and baba alaye.... damn those were d days. lol

my business partner is someone i met on blogsville who amazingly turned out to be a distant cousin.

in all, blogging has been mad! i have had an amazing time..... still meeting people.... still blogging.... and still giving anons the finger!!!!!! e ma run down ni!!